MSKPU is located in Warsaw,
Polish fashion and show business center

Here are the editorial offices of fashion magazines, clothing designers, clothing companies and centers related to art. The most prestigious industry events take place in Warsaw. The capital is teeming with cultural and social life. Warsaw is influential people and financial resources to conduct activities in the fashion environment.

MSKPU is the most recognizable educational brand in the Polish industry environment. MSKPU is the most-commented educational institution in the media, and the work of its students and graduates dominates among publications about young designers. #DESIGNYOURDREAMS

The MSKPU staff is the best portfolio
lecturers among art colleges

Only for MSKPU teaches such an outstanding team:


Mariusz Przybylski, Magdalena Floryszczyk,
Weronika Pietras and Bryan Colo.

No other fashion school can boast of such a large number of known and respected designers among its teachers.
Thanks to the excellent group of teachers, MSKPU is unrivaled in its educational offer. See: Lecturers

Step by step towards development and career:

I semester

Getting to know one’s own skills and predispositions – learning drawing, sewing, basics of construction, materials science. Conceptual design. marketing. The first designed clothes and accessories.

II semester

Developing design skills – creating moodboards, thematic collections and projects for other brands. Getting to know more difficult tailoring techniques. Knowledge of ethical design.

III semester

Graphic design, first portfolio submission. Creating your own style. Creating larger projects in a group – visualization of work in the company. Spatial creation on mannequins.

IV semester

Creating your own diploma collection under the guidance of a selected lecturer. Portfolio submission. Creating fashion advertising films. Presentation of the collection at the graduation show.

Finish learning with
graduation show

Present your collection to a wider audience,
get internships and awards
and let the event’s media partners remember you.


Create under the guidance of specialists

Each student chooses a promoter who will help him create his diploma collection. Promoters work in the fashion industry, so they will definitely give you valuable tips.

Show your collection to a wider group

The graduation show is the perfect opportunity to show the world what you have learned at MSKPU. Show a wider audience what has been playing in your soul for these two years!

Get awards and internships

Participation in the evening diploma show is also a chance to win internships and awards from partners of the event, such as LPP, Maciej Zień, Przybylski, 4F, 5-10-15, and Jaga Hupało.

Keep learning

After completing MSKPU you have an excellent opportunity to study at our partner school in Lisbon. Jump in for the second year and enjoy another dose of knowledge! See more in the Studies in Lisbon tab.

We are the organizer
pro-ecological and pro-ethical competition

Designers have the greatest impact on changing the clothing industry.
Take part in the competition and change the face of Polish fashion.


Unfortunately – we were and still are the only fashion school in Poland that teaches CSR in fashion. The only existing CSR fashion guide on the Polish market is just published by MSKPU – “Ethics in fashion – CSR in the clothing industry” by the headmaster of the school dr. Magdalena Płonka.

The MSKPU staff are aware of the impact of the textile industry on the natural environment, issues related to human rights in the clothing business, and animal exploitation for fashion purposes. We try to infect our students and a wider group of fashion enthusiasts with our compassion and passion.

CSR - Ethics in Fashion

Extra classes

We focus on the development of our students. In 2018/19, MSKPU sponsored for its students: Digital printing workshops, lecture by Giovanni Ottonello from the Italian Institute of Design, lectures on men’s fashion led by Chloé designer Bryan Colò, as well as additional lectures on Fashion Ethics with Dr. Magdalena Płonka .

School management is constantly working on organizing projects that could be a starting point for our students’ careers. Only in 2018/19 they were: organization of the MSKPU & Mercure Hotels competition, Participation in the Mercure Fashion Night project, Co-organization of the INEXTENSO by Auchan competition, organization of the pro-ecological Responsible Fashion Awards competition with LPP, as well as cooperation with Vogue Italia.

Every year, our students join the staff of clothing companies such as Reserved, House, ZIEŃ, Paprocki & Brzozowski, Cropp, Przybylski, MMC, 5-15-15, 4F, Mohito, and Sinsay. Graduates enjoy very good reception.


In 2018, MSKPU purchased modern equipment for students. Our clients work on modern tailoring machines (including one of the most expensive on the market), and also have at their disposal an industrial iron, nonwoven welding machine, overlocks and dummies. There is also a projector in the room on which multimedia presentations are shown. Classes take place in a beautiful tenement house, 5 minutes from the Nowy Świat Uniwersytet metro station. Around the school there are numerous restaurants where students can eat a meal, as well as stores with materials and drawing utensils if they forgot to prepare for classes 🙂

New equipment

Study in Lisbon

MSKPU is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with IADE Creative University in Lisbon. Our school has thus become the sole educational partner of IADE and its only representative in Poland.